READY, SET, GROW! “Living Gently With Chickens” – 9th Issue, November 2017.Growing up in Australia and Malaysia, Baida Hercus always knew she wanted land of her own to grow and nurture her family in nature. Baida and her husband Ricki have an off-grid 2-acres family farm in Janda Baik, Pahang, that they manage together..A decade ago, the farm was just an overgrown patch of land being reclaimed by the forest trees. Today, it is an orchard with over 1,000 trees, a vegetable garden, 100 chickens, two goats, and an upcycled cabin, where the family spends weekends and grows part of their supply of eggs, vegetables, and meat..“We wanted to take control of our food source. We don’t trust what we buy. If you don’t know it, you’d have to grow it yourself. Secondly, to live gently and have that bond with nature. And when we had animals we wanted to make sure that they’re free-range, healthy and looked after.”.“Chickens are quite easy to man- age and largely look after them- selves. You let them out in the morning, and they put themselves to bed at night. Eggs are also a superfood, and you can get it yourself. Also, being able to slaughter a chicken, put it into your cooking pot knowing that it hasn’t got any antibiotics in it – the chicken actually tastes clean,” said Baida..Read more about Baida and her chickens in Star2, The Star* #eatsshootsandroots #garden #ReadySetGrowESR #TheStar *Don’t forget to get your copy of today’s The Star newspaper!