Rosemary Morrow: Permaculture Teacher of Teachers

Rosemary Morrow

An inspirational person, teacher, and citizen of the world, Rosemary is a much adored teacher of permaculture teachers, in Australia and around the world. She has worked extensively with farmers and villagers in Africa, Central and South East Asia and Eastern Europe for almost 40 years. Especially dedicated to non-violence and improving the lives of people in war-torn nations, Rosemary has been very much involved in environmental and social regenerative missions in Vietnam, Cambodia, Bosnia and Afghanistan.

In July 2011, Juergen and I were privileged to attend a 6 day Permaculture Teacher Training with her in Austria. It changed the way we perceived our roles as teachers, and introduced us to a whole new approach of facilitating creative, dynamic and inclusive, experiential learning processes where everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student.

Supportive of the work that we are doing to introduce permaculture in Malaysia,  Rosemary was willing to mentor us on our mission to become full fledged permaculture teachers. We look forward to meeting her again in Australia, for a dose of down to earth, all round goodness and wisdom. Viva Row!

Here are links to two of her projects in Afghanistan and Vietnam:

Documentary trailer:
A garden at the end of the world: Rosemary Morrow in Afghanistan

ABC Radio interview:
Rosemary’s Garden: Rosemary’s involvement in Cambodia

Rosemary is also the author of the Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture and a Teacher’s Manual.
book 2 book 1

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