26, 27, 28* Jan 2013: Building a Community Garden

26, 27, 28* JAN 2013

Building A Community Garden

Building A Community Garden

For those who are keen to reconnect with their neighbourhoods, or bring their communities together through the wonders of growing food; residents associations, community leaders

Food is always a great way to bring people (especially Malaysians) together. Establishing a Community Garden not only enables urban folks with insufficient space to start growing some of their own food, but also reconnects people with long-lost gardening skills whilst fostering closer ties with those around them. A great way to get to gain hands-on experience about organic gardening, Community Gardens bring people of all ages together through the joy of growing their own food. In this workshop that combines both theory and practical, Bruce Molloy, founder of the successful Veggie Village Community Gardens (which won the Sunshine Coast Environmental Council Froggie Award for Best Sustainable Project), will share his success models, tried & tested strategies for building, maintaining and expanding a community garden.

Topics covered:

Setting goals
Financial requirements
Type of gardens
Design elements & considerations
Creative decision making
Ethics, values and goals
Volunteers Roles
Connections and Partnerships
Conflict Resolution
Compassionate Communication (Non Violent Communication)
Teaching programs
Enrolling others
Designing & constructing a Community Garden with natural materials
Decision making process
Garden Design
Constructing a community garden

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Bruce Molloy

Bruce MolloyBruce is the director of Edible Landscapes, founder and past-president of Veggie Village Community Gardens Inc (which won the Sunshine Coast Environment Council Froggie Award for Best Sustainable Project) at Peregian Beach, Australia. His quest for knowledge of vegetable growing and community care led him to start the garden in 2007. Since then he has completed a PDC (Permaculture Design Course) and has helped set up numerous home, community and school gardens throughout the various areas in Australia: Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay and Brisbane including his own sandy suburban backyard at Marcus Beach. Bruce is a passionate leader and his teaching style allows for fun, hands-on and somewhat quirky learning techniques. Partipants come away from his workshops feeling inspired and can’t wait to start their own gardens. His graphic design and marketing background allows him to easily present education material in a clear and graphical style. This skill also allows him to design sustainable gardens with clarity and precision so novice gardeners can understand the sometimes complex systems of permaculture.

Time & Date

9am – 5pm
26, 27, 28* January 2013
(*optional hands-on session)


Eats, Shoots & Roots, Petaling Jaya.

Course Fee

Registration is now closed.

Registration is now closed.

The Permaculture Activist scholarship is being offered for current activists, who are keen to utilise permaculture knowledge to create the change that they want to see in their own lives, in their community, in their environment, or in their work/activism.

The scholarship is open to Malaysians. Activists, teachers, whistle blowers, applicants from Community Organizations/NGO’s are encouraged to apply. The scholarship is for one seat on the course.