8 Dec 2012: Urban Gardening for Kids

8 DEC 2012

Urban Gardening for Kids

Urban Gardening for Kids

For many of us, playing outside and getting our hands dirty in the garden are some of our most precious childhood memories, where we learnt about the wonders of nature and life! In the city, or high up on an apartment balcony, these experiences are rarely available.Your child will create a mini take home garden, learn how to build healthy soil and soil life through recycling; as well as growing a container garden of creeping herbs and leafy vegetables… from scratch! An opportunity to observe and connect with nature on your balcony, backyard or window sill. This workshop is for ages 8-12. Children will plant and take home self-watering containers with herbs and leafy vegetables, and a worm farm with new pet worms!

Topics covered, through simple and fun hands-on activities:

• The Garden Web of Life
• The journey from seed to plate
• Understanding where our food comes from
• Building a Worm farm from and recycling your kitchen scraps
• Taking care of seedlings
• Container Gardening

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Sabina Arokiam

With a background in fine arts and community development, Sabina holds a certificate in Permaculture and Ecovillage Design from Lost Valley in Oregon, USA and has worked and studied with several community and permaculture initiatives in SE-Asia, Australia, Europe and the USA. She is the founder of Embun Pagi, Malaysia’s first Permaculture Education & Demonstration site, and has organised and taught in several Permaculture Design Courses and workshops.

Time & Date

10am – 4pm,
8th December 2012


Eats, Shoots & Roots,
Section 5, Petaling Jaya.

Course Fee

Registration is now closed. 

Registration is now closed.