10 Aug 2012

Seed Swap Saturday

Garden-In-Progress Tour

A lot of people have been collecting seeds and wondering where and when to swap them, so we figured it would be a good chance to meet up and do some seed exchanging in the La Salle Hall garden this Saturday.

Just bring any seeds/cuttings/seedlings (preferably of the edible variety) you have, and swap them out with something else. Who knows what you might end up with.

Garden-In-Progress Tour

For those who have been wanting to have a little tour of the edible garden built by Permaculture Design Course students in May, Sabina will be there on Saturday to show you around. We’ll be doing some light gardening and harvesting on that day, so please feel free to bring your gloves and pruning shears. No worries if you don’t have seeds or gardening tools either, just bring your lovely self and enjoy the company of seeds and greens. Kids are most welcome too.


We’ll be there from 4:30pm up til 7.30pm, so just let us know if you’re coming by e-mailing hello@eatsshootsandroots.org


+ A heads up for those who are fasting (or just hungry) — we’ll be preparing some freshly-harvested-basil pesto pasta to makan. There’s also the famous Raju’s nearby… 🙂



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