Mayday mayday!! We need your help… We’re in need of new Sayur Shirt ideas for our next collection, and we’re gonna need YOUR help to come up with one. Over the next few days, we’re opening up the floor to suggestions and the person who comes up with the best Sayur Pun will have it be made into t-shirts for our next upcoming Sayur Shirt series! Psst.. you’ll also be getting that t-shirt for free as a token for your help, and also bragging rights -Think you have something clever in mind? Come on, everybody –– give us your best shot. We can’t wait to see what kind of a-maize-ing stuff you can come up Comment with your ideas!#eatsshootsandroots #sayurshirt #puns #veggie #tshirt #contest #garden #green #growyourown #cookyourown #tanamlah