It’s easy to think all soil is the same, because let’s be honest –– if it looks like what you think soil looks like, then it has to be soil…. right? But are all soils really the same? Do we really know what makes up healthy soil? Maybe we have not been asking enough of the right questions 🤔-Join us for a 2-day workshop on Guide To Healthy Soils with Dr Christopher Teh, Dr Tan Ngai Paing & Assoc. Prof. Dr Wong Mui Yun on 27-28 October (Saturday & Sunday) @ UPM, Serdang.-This 2-day masterclass will provide you with the science & technical knowledge about: the properties of soils & what makes them fertile or healthy, maintaining or improving soil fertility for your plants & trees, diagnosing & mitigating common plant problems -For more info on the workshop and registration, clink on the link in our bio! #eatsshootsandroots #sayurday #tanamlah #growyourown #cookyourown #workshop #soil #garden #green #plants #vegetables