"I like to come to the office reaaaally early in the morning and make myself a nice wholesome breakfast which incorporates the greens I can find in our office garden. One of my favourite ways is to just harvest handfuls of leafy greens/herbs that are ready to be eaten and add them to my mashed avocado 🥑 toast. Here, I have chopped up 5 different types of leafy greens (kailan, sambung nyawa, radish leaves, pak choy and green amaranth) to add into the avocado mash & topped it off with radish, pak choy & coriander microgreens. A great way to get your veggies in (sneakily too, if you or who you're feeding are not a big sayur fan )."— Syaza, ESR team member#eatsshootsandroots #garden #green #sayur #tanamlah #growyourown #cookyourown #plats #herbs #microgreens #veggies