Feb 2012: Permablitz at Urban Village, Bangsar, Report


With 50 pairs of hands of all shapes and sizes, together we managed to transform a semi-abandoned yard into organic garden beds in the span of 7 hours! Big pat on the back to everyone who attended, thanks for making the first permablitz a success! We built 1 large brick bed + 3 raised beds, cleaned up the space, cleared up the clogged drains, collected nice chunky worms around the area, planted some lemongrass and pegaga, got our hands dirty and had a good time.Now for a bit of a report on what happened during the day. (Super photos taken by Angeline Pei Sein Chua and Zam from Urban Village, woot woot)

Group effort head count: About 50 people in total came together at different time periods of the day

Juergen gave us a little workshop on Sheet Mulching, a technique of building soil by using sheets of cardboard and layers of different organic material: lime dust, cow manure, grass cuttings, fallen leaves.  The reason for this was because there was hardly any top soil in the existing area, so Sheet Mulching was a good cheap way of building rich humus. After 3 months, the materials we layered would’ve decomposed to create the perfect garden beds for planting. Photo above is a gazetted area for a raised bed, with the the first layer of  a  sheet mulch in place- cardboard for preventing the growth of weeds.

As part of our seedsaving efforts, we have seed swaps at every organized events, where people can give/swap/take seeds that are non-hybrid open pollinated varieties. A sampling of the seeds are documented, stored, and tagged on Facebook, so that the background of these seeds can be traced back to its location and original contributor. Malaysian Seedsavers Network

The seeds that the team at Eats, Shoots and Roots give away in our Eats, Shoots and Roots contact cards. Contact details are behind. Multitasking within 2 inches!

And finally, our hand drawn poster. All the food was finished, and RM50 was earned (after minus-ing bare costs of ingredients)! The whole point of this was to get contributions for our Tool Bank, to buy tools that would be available for everyone to use during each Permablitz.

A list of our tools is here on Facebook


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