Apr 2012: Permablitz Report from Phil & Emily’s Place in Subang

Permablitz April 2012

This time around, for Permablitz #2, together, we transformed Phil and Emily’s home space in Subang Jaya, by creating a Banana Circle, Raised Beds, Composting Area and by transplanting a number of moringa, mulberry and sugar cane cuttings, as well as planting lemongrass and sweet potato for the purpose of erosion control.

Big thanks to Phil, Emily, Erin & Family from LivingFood for feeding us with lovely sandwiches, power-packed smoothies and the bestest lemon pound cake, ever. Also, a giant thank you to everyone who spent their Sunday with us, getting their hands dirty:
Azhar + Elli + family
Alex Lee
Chloe + Rhea
Ferdinand + Gaelle

Mini Workshop by Juergen on the functions of a Banana Circle, and on why we need to dig a 1.5 metre hole!

And after all the hours of digging a 1.5 meter hole, voila our lovely banana circle. Banana seedlings around the edge, along with lemongrass (not in this photo) in between them to keep the soil from eroding.

Building up the temporary raised bed walls with salvaged blue styrofoam boards, filled with cow dung and lotsa lotsa mulch.

So we had a lot of leftover rocks in garden… and decided at 5:00pm that we’d make another raised bed. Will eventually perhaps evolve into a mandala garden bed or a herb spiral.

Juergen and Emily, standing next to designated compost area that has been set up using just wire mesh.

Some sugar cane cut from Positive Living Community’s site in Batu Arang, now transplanted in the suburbs of Sunway!

Some moringa cuttings from Positive Living Community  transplanted on their new home.

Muneeb, our Pick-Axe-Man, taking a break from his duties and getting down and dirty with the uber-rich cow dung mix!



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