…and Eats, Shoots & Roots is alive!

A session with Burmese Refugee women

We at Eats, Shoots and Roots have come together to form this social enterprise because we believe in the power of growing food as a community. It connects people, it connects us to the land, and it connects us to our food. Even further, growing food integrated into a permaculture system builds resilience and ecology … and it’s much more powerful when done together as a community!

We’ve traveled, and we’ve seen school gardens and community gardens in towns and cities, and we know what these places can offer to enhance communities or neighbourhoods. We want to be a part of such communities, and this is why we’re here … to build edible food gardens with bunches of people who feel the same about community gardening.

To share our skills and build new skills, as well as to fuel our community gardening adventures, we are going to be running courses and workshops. We have a Permaculture Design Course for cities, towns and villages coming up in May, and before that, we have 2 day workshops on Bio-Fertile Soils, Container Gardening and Introduction to Permaculture.

Once a month, we plan to run at least 2 community events: A Permablitz  and Guerilla Gradening. Read about it on our events page, and please come and join the fun.

The Eats, Shoots & Roots Team,

Shao Lyn, Sabina & Juergen

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